Bailey Nelson Career Opportunities

Dr. Laurie Lesser,  Eyecare Director Canada/UK, Bailey Nelson subtitled her presentation “How to have a fulfilling career as an optometrist, while having the time to enjoy your other passions” and outlined Bailey Nelson career opportunities for young NextGEN ODs.

She traces the roots of  Bailey Nelson to Aussie founders, Nick and Pete who gained modest success selling beautiful eyewear at reasonable prices on chill Bondi Beach Market near Sydney.

The entrepreneurs heeded the advice of a local Optometrists suggesting coupling their eyewear in a full-service optometry setting. Success in Australia spread internationally to New Zealand, Canada (2016) and UK. Today Bailey Nelson has over 100 stores in four countries, nearly 40 of which are in Canada. And, they continue to grow.

Bailey Nelsen’s core values and tight knit down to earth culture appeals to young ODs. “It drives positive energy where you can bring your true self to work without the headaches of running a business”, says Lesser.

Bailey Nelson Career Opportunities for ODs
Watch Dr. Lesser’s Full Presentation to NextGEN ODs on YouTube

She describes a highly collaborative workplace environment where a “never ending” group chat provides almost immediate support from engaged and supportive colleagues.

Bailey Nelson Optometrist Dr. Grace Sim
“I enjoy working with Bailey Nelson because I have all the freedom and control I need to manage my practice, but still have the support and resources that comes from a tight-knit company like Bailey Nelson.” Dr. Grace Sim, Bailey Nelson, Conestoga Waterloo, UW 2022

Dr. Lesser details the Bailey Nelson subleasing model which takes care of the back-office functions including reception, phone, internet, EMR, patient recall and online booking.

Bailey Nelson brand tends to attract younger healthier patients which helps to keep Optometric care simple and provides the opportunity to fulfill patients needs in an uncomplicated setting.

Dr. Lesser also presented testimonials from recent Optometry grads who found their match with the Bailey Nelson culture.

Bailey Nelson provides career opportunities for young ODs seeking  young vibrant communities compatible with their culture. She outlines specific opportunities where a retention bonuses of $100,000 are available.

Click here for more information about Bailey Nelson career opportunities for young Optometrists.

You can reach Dr. Lesser directly to discuss if Bailey Nelson career opportunities are a match for you.

Phone: (236) 412 9911  (Canada)
Phone (954) 410 2576 (USA)


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Eye Care Business Canada Sponsors CAOS

The Optometry student winners of the APERTURE Writing contest have been announced by the Canadian Association of Optometry Students (CAOS). As a sponsor of the APERTURE Writing Contest, NextGenOD and Eye Care Business Canada have awarded prizes for the top 5 optometry student winners of the contest.

Aperture Optometry Student Magazine cover 2023
Aperture Cover 2023

The top entries were  selected by the CAOS communications directors by an anonymous voting system where personal identifiers were removed. Then, the entire CAOS executive team at University of Waterloo which comprises over 20 students, excluding the communications team, votes on the winners.

The first-place winning entry entitled “Lessons from a Superfield Lens” by Jenny Lee (4th year University of Waterloo) recounts a whimsical imaginary conversation with various optometric armamentarium which dispels her fears of being replaced by technology.

The second-place entry, by Shannon Huges (3rd year University of Waterloo), shares results and lesson ingrained from of her first real patient refractions in, “If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It“.

Simply entitled, “Foresight“, third-place winning entry by Judit Antonyrajan (3rd year University of Waterloo) celebrates optometry scope of practice advances that have been achieved and opines on the promising future of the profession.

Here is the full list of APERTURE contest winners and NextGEN OD cash prizes.  Congratulations to all of the participants.

  • 1st  Place Jenny Lee  ($150)
  • 2nd Place Shannon Hughes ($125)
  • 3rd Place Judit Antonyrajan ($100)
  • 4th Place Jennifer Li ($75)
  • 5th Place Kiratpal Hothi ($50)

In addition the cash prizes, optometry student winners will be recognized by publishing their entries in NextGEN’s parent company publications, including Optik Magazine, OptikNOW and Eye Care Business Canada,  reaching over 10,000 Canadian eye care professionals. Look for the winning entries to be published later this year.

The 2023 issue is the seventh Aperture Magazine publication. The optometry student publication strives to reflect the voices of future Optometrists in the ever-changing landscape of the profession.

View the winning entries in APERTURE Magazine.
See Contest Announcement.



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The independent advantage

Dr. Matthew Harrison, a SW Ontario Independent OD aligned with the Eye Recommend network, presents the case for independent practice with the support of a strong membership group.

Dr. Harrison, a 2013 University of Waterloo grad, provides his definition of “Independent Practice”, a term that is often bandied around and accepted often without a full understanding of its meaning and consequences to practice.

He concludes that independence ultimately is defined as the freedom of choice to selectively utilize the tools you desire to provide the highest level of care.

He advocates that you can have the best of both worlds by aligning with a strong member group such as Eye Recommend, which has 500+ practices across Canada and over 1300 optometry professionals.

The Independent Advantage Dr. Matt Harrison
View Dr. Harrison’s full presentation by clicking the play button above

NextGEN ODs as early as Year 2 can receive a signing bonus of $25,000 when starting with an Eye Recommend practice after graduation.

For more information on the “Eye Recommend” advantage: connect here.



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Dr. Mark Langer graduated from Pacific University College of Optometry in 2013. He had interned at a number of interesting practice locations, including private practice in Beverly Hills California, an Army Hospital in Europe, a Veteran Affairs Clinic in Hawaii, and a private practice and IRIS location in British Columbia.

While engaging with young ODs and optometry students at the March 2023 NextGEN OD event, it is not surprising therefore to hear him strongly recommend that NextGen ODs step back from the academics and take time to network and build bridges to their future opportunities.

A Mentor’s Advice
While contemplating the “how, what and where’ of his future practice opportunities, a successful private practice owner/mentor offered this advice, “”Pick where you want to live and build a life there”.

Langer took the advice to heart. Building upon the connections previously forged, he landed with IRIS in the BC interior.

Aligning the family around the decision to stay in the Okanagan Valley, Dr. Langer officially partnered with IRIS which perfectly melds his professional career and personal lifestyle – which now includes a family of “three little dudes!”.

He’s appreciative of the professional teams that take the administration burden off his plate allowing him to go home, put on his “Daddy Cape” and enjoy life.

My Path to Practice Partnership at IRIS
View Dr. Langer’s full presentation by clicking the play button above.

Key Point of advice: “Make sure that life outside of work is at the forefront of any decision you make.”


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Dr. Scott Mundle provides a historical perspective on Optometry Giving Sight (OGS), its mission and current activities. He and Eyes Wide Open Host, Roxanne Arnal, talk about the benefits of giving and how contributing to social programs can help personal happiness and make business sense. Dr. Mundle, UW (’83) has been active in the service of Optometry since early in his career. He is the past-president of the Manitoba Association of Optometrists and the Canadian Association of Optometrists, and Past President of the World Council of Optometry.  Dr. Mundle serves as the OGS Canada Member Representative.

Dr. Scott Muncle

About the Guest

While officially “retired” Dr. Mundle, continues to serve the profession as a delegate of the World Council of Optometry (WCO) to the International Agendy for the Prevention of Blindness.

Married to University of Waterloo, School of Optometry classmate Dr. Michelle Georgi, the couple has three children. On chance that any other free time presents itself, Dr. Mundle dedicates it to sporting activities, including cycling and fishing.

Episode Notes

Dr. Scott Mundle provides an update on his active “retirement” with Roxanne Arnal, including his recent personal and professional travel agenda in support of the World Council of Optometry.

He provides an overview of the 2003 founding partners of the Optometry Giving Sight (OGS), and how its mission and priorities have shifted over time since he was first invited to chair the OGS National Committee by Dr. Scott Brisbane.

Dr. Mundle outlines the substantial activities of OGS in reaching over 8 Million patients, training 14,000 Eye Care professionals while establishing 130 vision centres in 40 different countries around the globe.

Among OGS activities is support in the foundation of Optometry Schools in developing countries, including Kenya, Eritrea, Vietnam and Haiti, the later of which was undertaken in collaboration with partners including VOSH and University of Montréal. Notwithstanding the recent civil strife in Haiti, the project contiues to train Haitian ODs successfully.

Dr. Mundle reviews the various ways that Canadian Optometrists can (and should!) participate to support OGS funding, including how his own Manitoba practice enthusastically undertook efforts.

He encourages optometry students to get involved. He detailed the friendly competition that has ensued between University of Waterloo and Univerity of Montreal CAOS chapters to creatively one-up each other in generating support for OGS.

Finally, the discussion goes toward the benefits of funding by providing research facts on how social causes influence consumer choices of business and services. Dr. Arnal references a recent “must read” book called “Happy Money: The Science of Happier Spending“, on how spending money can elevate our happiness (See Resources).



Optometrist and Certified Financial Planner

Roxanne Arnal graduated from UW School of Optometry in 1995 and is a past-president of the Alberta Association of Optometrists (AAO) and the Canadian Association of Optometry Students (CAOS).  She subsequently built a thriving optometric practice in rural Alberta.

Roxanne took the decision in  2012 to leave optometry and become a financial planning professional.  She now focuses on providing services to Optometrists with a plan to parlay her unique expertise to help optometric practices and their families across the country meet their goals through astute financial planning and decision making.

Roxanne splits EWO podcast hosting duties with Dr. Glen Chiasson.


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Myopia Practice Experts

While the evidence of the long-term risks of unchecked myopia development in children is well documented, and the clinical evidence for effectiveness of different modalities is continually evolving, starting a successful myopia management subspecialty within a primary care practice remains a challenge for many.

Dr. Gary Gerber
Dr. Gary Gerber

Myopia practice management experts, including Dr. Gary Gerber and Dr. Habir Sian are among the faculty presenting at THE Myopia Meeting, to be held in Vancouver on June 11th.  The event includes 4 hours of COPE accredited continuing education and four “Clinical Review” sessions from leading device suppliers.

The Continuing Education agenda will start with a presentation from Dr. Gerber, co-founder of Treehouse Eyes. Dr. Gerber is also the founder and Chief Dream Officer for The Power Practice®, a practice building and consulting company.

Dr. Gerber spoke with Eye Care Business Canada. “It’s been a while since I’ve spoken in Canada, and I’m honored to be invited to kick off  THE Myopia Meeting. I’ll be sharing the two most important sentences you need to grow your myopia practice. What you say to parents, how and when you say it, can be the largest determinants or detriments to creating an explosive myopia management practice.”

Dr. Gerber’s bona fides in this area are well founded: Treehouse Eyes is the first North American organization dedicated exclusively to providing myopia management services to children. His presentation is based upon the Treehouse experience in treating thousands of children.

Harbir Sian, OD
Dr. Habir Sian

Dr. Harbir Sian is the co-owner of two optometric practices in the Vancouver area. Dr. Sian has spent years in the clinic diving into different specialty areas of optometry, including myopia management. Dr. Sian’s 1-hour presentation, entitled, “The Myopia Startup: Implementing Myopia Management in Your Practice” is also COPE accredited.

Both presentations promise to provide thought-provoking content for those who have started up a myopia management subspecialty or are contemplating doing so.

THE Myopia Meeting Canada is  presented by Review of Myopia Management and GMAC (Global Myopia Awareness Coalition) which is comprised of a number of companies and associations partnering  globally to increase public awareness of childhood myopia, the risk of eye disease associated with myopia, and encourage consumers to ask their eye care professionals about treatment options for childhood myopia.  CRO (Clinical & Refractive Optometry) Journal is the COPE-administrator for this event.

On the clinical side, Dr. Sherman Tung, private practice owner of Eyelab in Vancouver will present, ” Orthokeratology Advanced Grand Rounds”. The event will be chaired by Dr. Dwight Ackerman, Chief Medical Editor of the Review of Myopia Management. Dr. Ackerman’s presentation, “Myopia Management from A to Z” will round out the 4 hours of COPE CE for the day.

Each of the sponsoring companies, including HOYA, CooperVision and Johnson & Johnson Vision, will present clinical reviews as part of the jam-packed day dedicated to enhancing your knowledge of myopia management from both the clinical and practice management perspective.

Registration for this event is now open. Attendee cost is $80 which includes refreshment breaks and lunch, clinical reviews and all 4 hours of COPE accredited CE.

THE Myopia Meeting (TMM) made its Canadian successful debut in Toronto in 2022. Based on the vast interest in the topic, the Vancouver edition of TMM has been added to the agenda. TMM will be returning to Toronto on December 2, 2023. Circle the date.










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Dr. Michael Naugle discusses OD Compensation models

The following subject matter is usually not discussed in an open forum, but is essential information for NextGEN Optometrists looking to land their first practice experience. Dr. Michael Naugle, VP of Optometric Partnerships FYidoctors, addressed attendees of the “Opportunities & Options for New Optometrists” event March 29.

The hybrid event reached over 150 attendees, including a live audience at University of Waterloo and online webinar participants.

While Dr. Naugle emphasized the importance of matching personal values and clinical interests with prospective practice opportunities, he noted that compensation is an important factor that can vary considerably in different situations.

USA vs. Canada | Rural vs. Urban
Dr. Naugle addressed the realities of how the geographic setting of a practice could impact OD compensation. He covered the expected differences in net earnings for optometrists in USA versus Canada. He explained how the different compensation models generate the perception that OD incomes are higher in the USA but further explained how other factors come into play to make Canadian compensation potentially more attractive.

Dr. Naugle elaborated on the “pillars of compensation” and presented details on how compensation might vary in different Canadian provinces and in urban versus rural practice settings with specific examples.

How Practice Geography Impacts OD Compensatin
View Dr. Naugle’s full presentation by clicking the play button above.

He advised new optometrists to dive deeper than the simple “percent of total gross billings” as other critical factors will outweigh this “top line” figure, citing specific questions that associate NextGen ODs need to ask to determine the income potential in specific practice situations.

Recently, Dr. Naugle was interviewed by NextGEN OD Ambassador, Nyah Miranda regarding the FYidoctor’s Future Vision Leadership Program.  
Click the link to listen to this recent discussion.



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Opportunities for NextGEN Optometrists

Dr. Sophia Leung is at the cutting edge of the transformation of primary care Optometry to the medical model.

As a residency-trained and fellowship-trained optometrist with a clinical emphasis on the cornea, advanced glaucoma, and anterior segment disease, she calls upon her own experience to provide insights on the benefits of residencies and fellowships and provides concrete advice on finding the right match for young ODs.

After spending five years in private practice, Dr. Leung pursued an Ocular Disease and Refractive Surgery Residency in the US followed by an Advanced Glaucoma and Cornea Fellowship.

This led her to her current position as Principal Optometrists at a high volume corneal, cataract, and refractive surgical centre in Calgary, AB.  Dr. Leung is developing an OD-to-OD referral model the enhance patient access to ophthalmologic care that also increases time efficiency for ophthalmologists.

Dr. Leung is a Diplomate of the American Academy of Optometry in the Anterior Segment Section, the first Albertan and Canadian to do so.  She is President-Elect of the Alberta Association of Optometrists.

You can view her full presentation by clicking the play button below.

Dr. Sophia Leung discusses Residencies and Fellowships

Earlier this year, Dr. Leung was the guest on Eye Care Canada’s Eyes Wide Open Podcast.

She and host Dr. Roxanne Arnal discuss their personal and professional insights on mentorship, professional collaboration, and the evolution of optometry. They also delve into stress and practitioner burnout and point to a few interesting reads on the topic.


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next Gen OD webinar

In a uniquely formatted event, Canadian Optometry students were treated to the perspectives of both recent OD grads and insights of seasoned experts showcasing the opportunities and options available to them as they forge their professional careers.

The event was held simultaneously live to 100 students at University of Waterloo, School of Optometry and Vision Science and via online webinar to an expanded North American audience of young Canadian optometry students, including those studying in US Schools, including New England College of Optometry and others.

Bausch + Lomb Canada and Eye Care Business Canada | NextGen OD co-presented the event which was sponsored by B+L partners including Bailey Nelson, Eye Recommend, FYidoctors, and the IRIS Group.

NextGEN OD ambassadors Jenny Lee (OD-4 Univ. of Waterloo) and Nyah Miranda (OD-1 NECO) co-hosted the event, which presented six speakers, which was capped off with a panel Q&A and prize draws of over $1000 valiue.

YouTube Ravi Tanna
Watch Ravi Tanna’s Introduction to the NextGen OD Event – March 29, 2023. Tanna opens the event with his deeply personal account of his Best and Worse days relating to his own eye care.

Speakers Share Perspectives

Dr. Sophia Leung, President-elect of the Alberta Association of Optometrists provided advice on pursuing residencies and fellowships based on her own experience.

Dr. Michael Naugle, VP of Optometric Partnerships, FYidoctors, provided a very detailed assessment of the various OD compensation models, particularly as they relate to practicing in USA versus Canada and in various geographical settings; urban versus rural within Canada.

Dr. Mark Langer, IRIS Practice Owner in BC, shared his unique path to to practice ownership from Pacific College of Optometry (Oregon) to ownership of a community-based practice in the Okanogan Valley, having to wrestle with the decision to practice in Canada versus USA along the way.

Dr. Matthew Harrison, practicing in an Eye Recommend Practice in SW Ontario, shared his perspectives on the benefits of “Independent Practice”, including details on the Associate Signing Bonus Program offered by Eye Recommend.

Dr. Laurie Lesser, Eye Care Director, Bailey-Nelson North America and UK, provided a history of the chill Aussie Brand retailer addressing the importance of work-life balance in an optometric career.

Over $1000 of Prizes

Following the Q&A  , all event attendees were entered into a random prize draw. Here are the winners:

Clinical & Refractive Optometry Annual Subscription/Complimentary CE:
Amanda Leong (UW 2026)

Bailey Nelson Quality Sunwear:
Bethany Lo (UW 2023)

Eye Recommend $100 Gift Cards award to three attendees:|
Amy Wang (UW 2024)
Sarah Long (UW 2025)
Jean Nasta (UW 2026)

FYidoctors $100 e-gift card:
Alexander Rozbacher (UW 2024)

IRIS Group iPAD winner:
Vyshnavi Satyajit (NECO 2024)

Photo Gallery – Live Event Univ. of Waterloo

Live Event Univ. of Waterloo Live Event Univ. of Waterloo Live Event Univ. of Waterloo Live Event Univ. of Waterloo




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The Optical Metaverse in Omniverse City

In 1999, selling websites to Optometric practices was a very tough gig! “Who needs a website, we have the “yellow pages!” was a common refrain. I know this because it was my personal experience.

Well, history proved the naysayers wrong, and “web 1.0” technology, for better or worse, prevailed and is still an omnipotent force for any (serious) eye care practice or optical industry player. Then web 2.0 came adding with interactivity (like Virtual Try On)  and e-commerce with the same observed development curve from naysayers to advocates to an essential element for business and interactive “Omnichannel” everything.

Today the buzzword is “metaverse” and the technology confuses and confounds many, including me, I confess. Some call it Web 3.0 to dumb it down for those who like simple concepts. Guilty again.

Why do I need to be “on the Metaverse? 
I am not going to answer that question (because I honestly don’t know), but metaverse developments at large and within the optical and eye care world do require all forward thinking individuals and companies to keep a watchful eye.

No one in our optical world is more attuned to this future than Charlene Nichols, passionate founder of The Optical Metaverse, a  new platform which is built on a metaverse engine called The Omniverse City. Through the Optical Metaverse, Nichols is creating a path for the optical industry to go along for the journey.

“The Optical Metaverse is designed to unit individuals, businesses, and organizations within the optical industry to create a shared virtual space. This space enables stakeholders to connect and collaborate in a way that has never been possible. Through this platform, industry players can share ideas, innovations, and solutions to create a more sustainable future for the industry,” says Charlene.

“I strongly believe that the Optical Metaverse represents a significant development for the optical industry, and I encourage you to explore this exciting platform further,” says Nichols.  And on that I agree.

She adds,  “… if you’re an eye care provider and you’re not a part of that direct-to-consumer messaging channel, then you’re missing an opportunity to properly educate. Not only are you missing out on an opportunity to make money, you’re missing out on an opportunity to provide people correct information.”

Stepping Into a New World
As part of her “next”, Charlene is taking The Optical Metaverse and The Omniverse Village to the BREATHE! Convention which will demonstrate the utility of Web 3.0 technology in daily life.

Exhibiting at The Omniverse Village grants access to participate in pitch sessions, meet other insiders, and grow audience reach and influence. Companies in the Web3, optical, and eye care industry will benefit from direct exposure to over 5,000 professionals looking for solutions, tools, and innovations.

BREATHE! Convention is set to provide a historic, native Web3 experience, with 5,000+ anticipated attendees, 200+ brands, 150+ media partners, 100+ exhibitors, and 80+ speakers. The attendees will comprise 70% founders and C-level executives. BREATHE! Convention is the first of its kind featured directly on the show floor at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

For more information on The Omniverse City, visit: Contact

For exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities with BREATHE!, visit the BREATHE! website and book a call at: 

With the launching of The Omniverse Village, Web3 adjacent eye care and optical projects and companies have the opportunity to exhibit at BREATHE! at a group rate, allowing brands to bring innovative new use cases and applications that revolutionize the optical and eyecare industry.

Even if you choose not to participate at this time in Web 3.0 you do need to track developments.

Click here to view the full Press Release.

David Pietrobon

David Pietrobon

President | Publisher

David is the President of VuePoint IDS, Publisher of the Optik, Eye Care Business Canada and CRO – Clinical & Refractive Optometry and IMAGINEM, an independent eyewear fashion magazine.

Prior to founding VuePoint, David was an executive in several large International eye care companies in ophthalmic lenses, contact lenses and pharmaceuticals. He founded/co-founded  several information technology start ups providing services to Eye care Professionals.  He’s worked in 5 countries in over 30 years in the optical industry.


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