About Eye Care Business Canada

Eye Care Business Canada is dedicated to the success of Eye Care Professionals in Canada.  We endeavour to inform Canadian eye care professionals about new ideas and insights. We invite them to engage with their peer community, optical and ophthalmic suppliers and various subject matter experts.

Our focus is the business and operations side of eye care practice, covering a wide range of topics including practice marketing, managing the practice growth cycle, leading others, self-development and more.

Eye Care Business Canada is a digital journal published by VuePoint IDS Inc. an independent and privately held publisher of both digital and print vision care magazines, and digital newsletters and offering other services to the Vision Care community.

Basic Information for Contributing Author

Article Submissions
Eye Care Business Canada works on specific assignment by invitation only. However, unsolicited submissions consistent with the guidelines and compatible with editorial policy may be submitted. You may request a review by sending an MS word doc version of your completed article, consistent with the guidelines herein to  Please allow 30 days for review of unsolicited submissions.

Provide any images and captions along with your manuscript via e-mail as PNG and/or JPEG image files.  If you have diagrammatic concepts you wish to provide, please provide as a sketch, or rough diagram for our layout artists to consider.

Types of Articles

Eye Care Business Canada publishes content aligned with our mission to inform and engage Canadian eye care professionals.  Article topics must be within the scope of content, which you can view at the main menu of our website,

Article length is maximum 1000 words with one picture. Additional pictures may be included. Inclusion of pictures, however, reduces the maximum word count.

Editorial Review and Acceptance
Unedited articles are reviewed and our editorial staff may recommend revisions in the articles.  Article acceptance is at the sole-discretion of the Editor.  Subject to acceptance, the articles may incorporate minor copy editing, which is not subject to review by the author.

Style Guidelines
Eye Care Business Canada provides practical easy to read information in a manner compatible with current digital viewing habits of busy professionals.  The copy editor will work with you to make sure your article adheres to our style without compromising content comprehension. Authors may be requested to revise submissions by our editors. This may include adding information, clarifying references, cleaning up confusing grammar or syntax and correcting typos.

Other Information

  • Include a two-sentence biography at the end of the manuscript.
  • If there are any commercial product and/or services mentioned, a disclosure on financial interest is required.

Costs and Limitations:
Unsolicited submissions will be reviewed, but compensation is not provided to the author.   An administration and editorial fee of $350 will apply to unsolicited submissions, which is payable by credit card immediately after acceptance.  Additional fees may also apply if extensive editing and or art work layout is required for final publication.

Authors wishing to provide content on an ongoing basis may contact for advertising. Advertising opportunities are limited and not necessarily guaranteed.

Copyright, Retained Rights and License to Publish
Extensive rights for use of the author’s materials and intellectual property are retained without having to obtain explicit permission from the publisher, provided that the original source is cited. The following rights are retained by the author:

  • The right to post a PDF of the article on a personal website or that of your employer/institution.
  • The right to make electronic or hard copies of articles for your personal use, including for educational use, and/or for the personal use of colleagues.
  • The right to permit others to use original pictures, figures or tables published in Eye Care Business Review for non-commercial and educational use.
  • The right to include the article in a dissertation or thesis.
  • The right to present all or part of the article paper at a conference, including webcasts, and to provide copies to meeting attendees.
  • The right to publish a new or extended version of the article provided that it is sufficiently different so as to be considered a new work.
  • The right to reuse your original pictures, figures and tables in future works.
  • The right to reuse any author’s biographical information in any form for any other publication.

Acceptance to publish an article by the publisher grants the exclusive rights to publish the article in Eye Care Business Canada.  The publisher (VuePoint IDS Inc.) also retains the rights to publish the article in other publications owned and/or operated by the Publisher, in whole or in part, without express permission. VuePoint will attribute the articles authorship to the author and the original source.

How to Submit
By Email only:

Date:  December 10, 2022.       Copyright © VuePoint IDS  2022
(Subject to revision without notice)

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