Professional leaders share their insights by answering interesting questions about themselves, their philosophies and personal interests. It’s a bit like looking at the entries of their high school yearbook!  Discover something new about those you thought you knew!


Insight with Dr. Sophia Leung

Dr. Sophia Leung pursued an Ocular Disease and Refractive Surgery Residency in the US followed by an Advanced Glaucoma and Read More…

Insight with Wendy Buchanan

Wendy Buchanan is an Optician and Image Consultant. Combining her unique skill-sets, Wendy has built a phenomenal mobile dispensing business.

Insight with Dr. Laurie Lesser

As Bailey Nelson’s Eyecare Director North America and UK, Dr. Laurie Lesser, shares her 25 years private and commercial practice experience, knowledge and passion for Optometry.

Insight with Dr. Patrick Quaid

Dr. Patrick Quaid’s passion for visual rehabilitation stems from having suffered the consequences of a brain injury as a child in a car accident and knowing first-hand what vision therapy can do for the academic potential of a child.

Insight with Naomi Barber

Naomi Barber, Australian trained Optometrist, has been involved in building the largest known dataset of optometric patient outcomes to measure impact on early detection of eye disease in Australia and New Zealand. She brings her skill set to Specsavers Canada as the new Director of Optometry.

Insight with Roxanne Arnal

Insights with Roxanne Arnal, Optometrist and Certified Financial Planner (R). After years of “all in” engagement in optometry and building a successful private practice, Roxanne changed course. Now she combines her unique skill sets to help Optometrists and their families.