• Buying-Selling A Practice

    Considering purchasing a practice, or selling? Our experts provide valuable insights in the journey ahead to help clarify the path.

  • Differentiation | Business Strategy

    It is said "strategy is a choice" and "differentiation is an imperative".  Views on practice strategy and the general business environment.

  • Office Design & Renovation

    Considering reinventing your eye care practice space? Experts contribute their thoughts on the challenges office renewal presents to the modern eye care practice. How do you affordably keep your practice fresh and modern?

  • Practice Metrics & Benchmarks

    You can't improve what your don't measure. Experts chime in on which essential metrics are necessary to monitor in your practice.

  • Products | Services | Industry News

    Successful practices make careful product and service partnership selections. To some extent, you are what you sell. Keep up with industry news.

  • Specialty Practice

    Primary Care Practice is rapidly evolving into sub-specialty areas to provide differentiation to the refraction-based primary care practices.  Differentiate or Die?  

  • Technology

    Technology advancements and applicationa in the modern eye care practice.  Keep on top of new developments.

  • The Patient Journey

    A patient journey represents the entire sequence of events that a patient experiences within the practice, from scheduling an appointment, through all the touch points to receiving receiving treatment, making a purchased and after care.