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FYihealth group makes two new additions to its senior leadership team: Jim Black as Senior Vice President of Information Technology, and Damian Zapisocky as Chief Financial Officer.

With eye health and enhancing the lives of each patient at the forefront of FYihealth group’s values, Dr. Alan Ulsifer, CEO and Chair of FYihealth group describes 2024 as a time for “growth and further establishing our position in the eye care industry.”

Jim Black
Jim Black

Black is a senior technology and digital business executive with over 20 years of experience at the leadership level. Black has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Alberta and an MBA from the Ivey Business School at Western University. Working in three different industries at the Chief Information Officer level, Black is also recognized as a strategic partner to the CEO, Executive Team, and Board of Directors in translating business needs into process and technology solutions that move businesses forward during times of rapid technological change.

“I’ve been nothing but impressed with the quality and authenticity of the people that work here and am very confident in the future trajectory of this organization,” shares Black. “The culture is what most attracted me.”

Jim Black, Senior Vice President of Information Technology

Damian Zapisocky
Damian Zapisocky

Zapisocky has experience in CEO, COO, and CFO roles previously, where he developed his skill sets in financial management, strategy, acquisitions, governance, budgeting, forecasting, and treasury. Damian has a Bachelor of Commerce and a MBA from the University of Alberta, is designated as a Chartered Accountant, as well as is designated as a Certified Internal Auditor, has received the ICD.D designation from the Institute of Corporate Directors, and awarded the honour of Fellowship by CPA Alberta in 2024.

“What got me hooked on joining the team was the amazing people I met through the hiring process. FYi has had tremendous growth in the past few years, and I am thrilled that I can be part of its next stages as the company continues to expand.”

Damian Zapisocky, Chief Financial Officer

“I am pleased to have Jim and Damian join our organization. Culture is everything for us and it was important to find exceptional individuals who fit our servant-leadership model. Both check these boxes for our organization, and they bring years of valuable skills and experience to the team.”

Dr. Alan Ulsifer, CEO and Chair of FYihealth group

FYihealth group was named one of Canada’s Top Growing Companies in 2022 and 2023 by Globe and Mail’s Report on Business. The addition of Black and Zapisocky is part of the organization’s strategy to continue its growth in 2024, with plans to continue its expansion to provide eye care access to more Canadians.

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Approximately a year ago, I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Mary-Kate Alliston during her signing journey with FYidoctors in July of 2023. Her unwavering dedication and passion for optometry left a lasting impression, prompting us to offer her the opportunity as the Lead OD of one of our clinics.

FYidoctors Dr. MK ALLISTON
FYidoctors Dr. MK ALLISTON

What truly stood out about Mary-Kate’s journey was not only her signing as a new graduate in a leadership role but also her confidence in serving as the sole OD in that clinic.

FYidoctors is fortunate to have been chosen as her inaugural practice space, and is happy to share a little about herself:

  1. Tell us about yourself

I am originally from Ancaster, Ontario and I have worked with FYidoctors in different capacities since 2018. I began my post-secondary education at Western University and obtained a Bachelor’s of Science degree with a double major in Physiology and Biology. I then went on to study Optometry at the University of Waterloo School of Optometry and Vision Science and graduated in spring 2023.

  1. What made you choose optometry?

I knew from a young age that I wanted my career to be centered around helping people, becoming involved in my community, and making a difference in people’s lives. I entered my undergraduate studies with the ambition of becoming a medical doctor but with the goal of exploring other healthcare-related options that fit my lifestyle and priority of work-life balance. I always endeavored to work in primary healthcare because I love interacting with others and building relationships over time.

  1. What do you love about your job?

I love so many things about the job. I love that at the very least, we are improving patients’ lives simply by improving their vision with either glasses or contact lenses. I love that the profession has so many different facets, including eye health and binocular vision, and that we have the potential to make a difference in the patient’s overall health as well as being a part of their larger healthcare team. I love that, as optometrists, we are always learning new information that can benefit our patients and the profession is always evolving. I love the lifestyle and the work-life balance the career provides as well, and that I get to do what I always aspired to do in my career, which is help people and enhance their lives every day.

  1. What advice would you offer soon-to-be graduates?

I have placed a lot of importance in my life on experiences, and have made that a priority throughout my post-secondary years. I have volunteered, shadowed, and worked in a variety of different clinics including other FYidoctors locations, and have learned so much about what my goals are as a practitioner and what I prioritize in a workplace environment. I took an opportunity to do one of my externship rotations in another province I had never been to before, and I have worked in both rural and urban areas. My advice would be to seek out new experiences outside of your comfort zone to gain different perspectives and discover what your goals will be once you become a practitioner. I would also recommend starting the job search early and taking your time to decide what is right for you, and do not be afraid to ask the “hard questions” of your future workplace.

Dr. Mary-Kate Alliston currently practices at our Kitchener-Waterloo clinic and is happy to chat about her experience with future graduates.

Looking for career opportunities with FYidoctors?

Contact me at

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FYidoctors Michelle Melnyk

Michelle Melnyk

With over a decade of dedicated service, Michelle Melnyk has been proud to have influence across various roles in Talent Aquisition. At FYidoctors, she began as the Optometrist Recruiter for the Ontario region, and soon after, stepped into her current role as Manager of Campus Engagement. Her journey began with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Mount Royal University with a minor in Human Resources, where she developed an understanding of human behavior and organizational dynamics. Beyond her professional endeavors, Michelle is known for her advocacy for work-life balance and her passion for family, plants, and travel. With her background and dedication, Michelle continues to shape the careers of individuals while making meaningful contributions to the field of talent management.


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Uniting passion and purpose, the FYidoctors | Visique Enhancing Life Foundation is a non-profit foundation with the aim of making a positive difference and helping to better the lives of Canadians. 

Enhancing Life Foundation: then and now

Giving back has long been a core value of the FYidoctors | Visique mission. In 2011, the company launched the FYi Foundation for Sight, an initiative centred on improving access to eye care and vision correction needs for underserved patients. Wanting to evolve its corporate social responsibility efforts, the team repositioned the strategy, turning its former non-profit into what’s now known as the Enhancing Life Foundation. It’s not just a new look and name, this latest endeavour ushers in a new era of charitable action for the team, one with a broader focus and a mission to enhance people’s lives through fundraising activities and in-clinic events, social media campaigns, and donation collections to help Canadians everywhere, regardless of age, gender, or socioeconomic background.

It takes a village

The project aims to partner with charitable organizations in communities across Canada, operating year-round, with an emphasis on fundraising in October — known internally as Enhancing Life Month. Over 300 FYidoctors | Visique clinics are encouraged to each partner with and offer support to a local charity, whether that’s by participating in periodic volunteer nights or raising funds. Most clinic team members get involved with philanthropic non-profits that support youth, promote health and wellness, or education.

The main rule when it comes to choosing a charity is as long as their underlying goal is to help enhance the lives of fellow humans—it’s ultimately up to the team members in each clinic to decide. Charity Clinic Leader, and Licensed Optician, Kerri Nicholls, says that in her clinic, people are driven to participate when it’s a cause that hits close to home. “People work harder to raise funds when it’s something that’s personal to them,” she added.

Nicholls speaks from experience—her clinic previously partnered with a non-profit organization called Making Faces that helps children with facial differences step outside their comfort zones. Nicholls’ son was born with a cleft lip and palate, and so the charity holds a special significance for her. Seeing her co-workers get involved and band together to raise funds for the cause was moving and eye-opening, instilling a sense of community and belonging—just one of the positive outcomes of working with community organizations.

The charitable organization, Bowls of Hope, based in Chilliwack, British Columbia, has been partnering with FYidoctors for several years. The volunteer initiative, led by the clinic’s General Manager and Practice Coach, Patti Stuart, has fostered a long-standing relationship with the charity. In partnership with Bowls of Hope, the FYidoctors team have helped the charity prep and package food for delivery to thousands of students attending local schools.

Even the executive leadership team loves supporting the Enhancing Life Foundation. At a recent virtual cocktail hour with clinic team members unveiling the total funds raised, Martin says that the pride they feel is palpable—the leadership team was moved to tears. “It’s very personal to them to hear the stories of why they chose that charity and how they raised funds,” she adds. “It tugs at their heartstrings; the impact and difference our own team members are making in communities.”

Growing stronger every year

Now in its third consecutive year, the Enhancing Life Foundation has already seen dramatic growth in participation levels. During the inaugural Enhancing Life Month, participating clinics managed to raise over $154,000 in total. The foundation has almost doubled that financial goal—this last October, clinics and optometrists rallied to raise $320,000 for the charities of their choosing.

Not only that, but in its three years of operation, the program organizers have been delighted by upticks in involvement. While only 37% of clinics took part during the first year, 2022 saw roughly 69% of clinics get into the spirit of giving.

There’s a reason behind such a sharp increase in participation: it serves the added benefit of bringing teams closer and creating a sense of unity. Positive takeaway from the campaign are new inter-clinic friendships — even in different provinces — and the spirit of healthy competition in hitting fundraising goals.

Working for a company that cares not just about the well-being of its employees, but of the communities the business caters to, is important for the team who are a big part of Enhancing Life Month’s success.

For more information on the Enhancing Life Foundation and how you can get involved, visit the FYidoctors | Visique website.


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Calgary-based leading eye care clinic unveils its latest flagship location, showcasing the latest optometry technologies and improving patient digital experience 

FYidoctors, a division of FYihealth group, announces the grand opening of its new flagship location in Calgary, Alberta. Founded in 2008, FYidoctors is Canada’s largest doctor-owned and doctor-led optometrist. FYidoctors has over 375 locations across Canada employing over 630 doctors and more than 2,300 team members. The company proudly has 47 clinics in Alberta making them one the most established eye care service provider in the province.

Located in Calgary at 102 – 2424 4th Street SW, this unique 3,000 square foot clinic offers personalized eye care using state-of-the-art optometric technology and carries a wide selection of exclusive brands, including Cartier, BonLook, H Halston, Chopard and more. This clinic also has the largest FYidoctors exam room in Canada and is conveniently located on the ground level of the FYihealth group head offices. This location carries over 45 brands of optical eyewear and offers an unparalleled number of frames with more than 2,000 frames in clinic. It is also a hospitality-orientated, ‘guest-centric’ shopping environment.

Unique to this FYidoctors location is a fully customizable digital storefront display wall facing street traffic. New interactive digital media is utilized throughout the clinic space to educate and engage our patients. Additionally, a unique “FYidoctors scent” is used throughout the clinic to stimulate the olfactory senses of patients while browsing.

The clinic’s waiting area is designed to be more relaxed and comfortable, creating an opportunity for our patients to enjoy their time at the clinic. With top-of-the-line materials, the overall clinic purchasing experience is improved with exceptional acoustics, lighting, digital touch points, and interactive messaging.

“This clinic, its design, and the technology it offers is what we have as a vision for our entire network across Canada at FYidoctors. It exemplifies what FYidoctors has become as a leader in patient care in Canada and we are very proud to provide such a wide range of services and products to our patients,” says Dr. Alan Ulsifer, CEO & Chair of FYihealth group.

“Since moving our corporate Home Office to Mission in 2015, it has been our vision to create a flagship location at street level to effectively showcase our brand.  I am so excited to see this dream come to life and for our team to be able to enhance the lives of the local community through the eye care and services we provide,” added Darcy Verhun, President of FYihealth group.

The four optometrists based out of Mission Square bring over 112 years of optometry education and knowledge. With a goal to offer the best optometric experience and to have answers to all the patients’ questions answered, Mission Square’s Lead

Optometrist, Dr. Bunny Virk, shares “the clinic is fully equipped with the latest state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment for early detection and management of all forms of acute and chronic eye conditions. In addition, our clinic will have the WAM800, an advanced diagnostic device in the optometric industry.”

Additional technology including the IPL/Radio Frequency Darwin treatment device, corneal topography, meibography, retinal widefield imaging, and the latest lens technology (duo-form lenses exclusive to FYidoctors with precise measurements (opitkam)), will all be available at this flagship location.

FYidoctors have built this space to be welcome to patients from all demographics, which can be seen through the customized wheelchair accessible room and friendly staff. To continue the progression of the services offered, the new FYidoctors University space will be opening soon, less than ten steps away and right across the hall, to help support the current and future team members with training and education of new Optometrists.

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FYidoctors innovation and technology

For over two decades, or most of his career, Kevin Bingham has been dedicating his time to improving and prioritizing the function of Information Technology (IT) and Innovation in the workplace.

As the Vice President of Innovation and IT at FYihealth group, Kevin works closely with the companies’ multiple teams to improve the overall utility and value of IT hardware, software assets and services while also keeping a focus on customer experience.

Through capitalizing on new technologies, mindful organizational change management and adding expertise to his growing team, Kevin’s efforts ensure that the organization is always at the forefront of innovation.

CEO and Chair of FYihealth group, Dr. Alan Ulsifer, remains heavily invested in the development and utilization of technology as it continues to be a significant area of focus for the future growth of the organization.

We caught up with Kevin and some of FYi’s influential Optometrists involved in innovative technology, Dr. Michael Kaplan, based in Toronto, and Dr. Bunny Virk, in Calgary. They shared how innovation and IT are pivotal to patient care at both the leadership and clinic level to support the organization’s growth.

Fostering a Solution-Seeking-Mindset to Innovation and Technology
“Technology advancements are at the forefront of our organization, and decisions are made to support them,” shares Kevin Bingham.

”FYi has invested millions of dollars into Cyber Security to protect patient confidentiality, along with completing a digital evolution for its Shopify eCommerce platform to deliver a first-in-class digital patient omnichannel experience. “During the COVID-19 pandemic, we provided innovative technology for social distancing while still delivering eye care quickly and responding to our patients’ needs,” Kevin added.

“FYi also developed a virtual try-on tool that allows patients to try on glasses in the comfort of their own home and speak to a representative online, thus creating a completely virtual shopping experience.

All these initiatives support the growth and future of FYidoctors and, in 2021, FYidoctors won the Canadian HR Award for ‘Most Innovative use of Technology.”

Technology Focused for Future Growth
“Our company views the IT department as an investment into our organization,” Kevin shared in his interview. FYi considers technology to be one of the driving factors for success and sees the benefits of a forward-thinking approach to technology advancements.

Kevin added: “the IT team comprises over 75 full-time employees, two of whom have been with us since our inception in 2008, and employs four team members for IT project management for all the mergers, projects, and implementation of new software updates.”

As an example, when a new clinic joins the FYi network, it is a top priority for our team members to get in place efficiently so the new team can be up and running and serving patients on day one of operations.

Undergoing integration is an extensive process, and our team shares with the new clinics the process starting with, “where the business is now” and mapping out “where we (FYi) are taking them.”

This information sharing process allows the new clinics to have a clear vision of their technology roadmap for all their members, and for their patients’ files.

This approach supports every clinic towards a smooth integration to the FYi network, which includes platforms like the Acuitas Practice Management System and NetSuite.

The Evolving Technology to Support Patient Care
”Technology advancements have helped provide a more accurate and comprehensive eye examination and patient education tools,” explains Dr. Michael Kaplan, FYidoctors Optometrist. “It allows us to see the finer details of the tissue we are examining, follow any subtle changes over time, and provide better diagnosis and proactive intervention”.

Dr. Kaplan added. FYi optometrists are optimistic about the continuing evolution of technology to help provide earlier detection of diseases and ways of treating them before the damage has already been done.

“Looking into the future, potentially, a device including artificial intelligence (AI) would enhance our diagnostic abilities for much earlier detection and preventative measures. AI would integrate with our current technologies to help with earlier detection for patients,” shares Dr. Bunny Virk, FYidoctors Optometrist in Calgary.

Exam Technology Findings and Looking into the Future
“We use a wide range of technologies in our exam rooms, including Wide Field Retinal Imaging/Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), Biometers to help with the newly emerging field of myopia management, ILux, IPL and RF to help assist with dry eye disease, and Heidelberg Retinal Tomography (HRT) to help detect glaucoma,” explained Dr. Kaplan.

Dr.  Virk added that “innovations in contact lens materials and designs have helped with the lenses’ comfort, health, and vision. The contact lens advancements and measurement techniques have allowed us to treat individuals with corneal pathologies and transplants to improve vision, which was previously difficult. A device that works well is Corneal Topography, which measures the cornea like a topographical map for detecting early corneal pathologies and degenerations.”

All these technological advancements are a great aid in providing quality eye care for FYi’s patients.

FYihealth group is committed to providing the highest quality patient care to enhance lives across North America. It strives to be a prevalent healthcare company in the marketplace by continuing to foster conversations regarding innovation and evaluate benchmarks in technology.

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Dr. Michael Naugle provides an in-depth explanation of how the FYidoctors’ Future Vision Leaders program works with NextGenOD’s  Nyah Miranda, a first-year OD student at New England College of Optometry (NECO).  Nyah and her Canadian compatriots account for 39% of the year 1 class at NECO.


Dr. Naugle explains how the $100,000 loan forgiveness program works, how it is tiered by geographic location, explains eligibility and all the details involved with the program.

He also explains that while it appears that income is higher if OD students stay in US, this is actually not the case when you take everything into account. (10 Mins)

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Evolution is inevitable in any industry, and the Canadian optical industry is no different. In the past few years, consolidation and competition have increased. Many of the ophthalmic labs used by clinics and retailers have made the decision to move their manufacturing from domestic to international.

Following its acquisition of Allied Lab in 2008, in 2015, FYidoctors moved its lab into a new state-of-the-art facility located in Delta, British Columbia.

Since then, FYidoctors has grown significantly; today the lab is manufacturing an impressive 12,000 to 13,000 pairs of glasses per week. In the past three years alone, approximately $10 million have been invested in the facility, becoming a true differentiating factor for FYidoctors.

Under one roof, the lab manufactures the highest quality lenses and coatings using the newest and most innovative technologies available.

We met with Nancy Morison, Vice President of the Delta Ophthalmic Laboratory. An industry veteran, Nancy is leading FYidoctors’ Delta team and building a culture of excellence to ensure our patients and clients receive the highest quality glasses in the Canadian market.

What differentiates FYidoctors and the contribution of the Delta Lab?
‘’First, we are a fully vertically-integrated company, and we are still here in Canada!

By this, I mean that many competitors are now producing lenses offshore, and many other labs have scaled down in recent years. It became increasingly popular to manufacture in China, India, and Thailand, among other places, to decrease costs.

We produce approximately 2,500 pairs of custom glasses per day, and we are open 6 days a week, 24 hours per day.’’

“We also use the highest quality materials, coatings, and machinery and have developed profound expertise in supply chain optimization. Whether it is for our exclusive frame line, Sacori, or for more than our 3,000 frame selection, our lens quality sets us apart and showcases the excellence of our products.’’

‘’Lastly, we invest in technology: it is part of our DNA. Today, we have been told that we are the most technologically advanced optical lab in Canada. Why? We are choosing not to offshore manufacturing internationally and instead are make significant technology investments in our own backyard at Delta to be highly competitive in the Canadian marketplace.

Having leading technologies and an optimized supply chain in our own house allows our organization to be highly efficient on labour and shipping/importing costs.’’

In the past three years, the investments in the Delta lab have been significant; what are the technologies you are using? 

‘’We are not using only one technology, but we are using all the best technologies available to us, giving us the capability to produce the best product. We have a unique approach: we pick leading technologies, suppliers, raw materials, and designs, from Schneider generators and polishers to Satisloh coatings, processes and chambers and MEI edging equipment, to full software integration from clinic to lab to key partners. Combined, this ensures cost efficiency, amazing products and outstanding service for our clinics and stores and ultimately our patients.’’

FYidoctors has a robust, healthy culture, and it seems that you were able to create an excellent work environment at Delta. Can you tell us more?
‘’The FYi culture is very much based on coaching: we share our knowledge and insights daily with our teammates.

We have a very cohesive group that enjoys helping and working closely together. Our coaching culture and mindset are very different from other manufacturing and distribution environments that I have seen.

We care about the product, the quality, and choose to make ourselves available to allow the success of our operations. We have also seen tremendous growth powered by our ever-expanding clinic network and our supply chain investments. As I like to say, growth builds optimism, and optimism and continuous improvement are key to our culture. ‘’

Seven facts about Delta Lab:

  • Allied Lab Founded in 2001
  • Acquired in 2008 by FYidoctors
  • New advanced facility opened in 2015
  • 12,000 to 13,000 pairs of glasses made per week
  • 220 employees
  • 104,000 lenses manufactured per month
  • $10M invested in improvements since 2019

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In his current role as VP, Optometric Partnerships, Dr. Michael Naugle oversees the growth and development of the FYidoctors banner in Canada and is a key figure in recruiting new optometrists. From the company’s inception in 2008 up until 2015, he served as Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors and Vice Chairman of the Advisory Committee.

About the Guest

Dr. Naugle has held many leadership positions throughout his career. Since 2011 until 2016, he served as the Optometry Chairperson of the Canadian Coalition of Eyecare Professionals (CCEPro), a grass roots coalition of ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians.

He is the a past President of the New Brunswick Association of Optometrists in 2000-2002, before which he served as the Registrar of the New Brunswick Association of the Optometrists from 1997-1998.

Dr. Naugle was part of a large group practice in Moncton, New Brunswick, that was one of one founding groups of FYidoctors. In 2017 he transitioned full time to the FYidoctors leadership team and is the executive sponsor for the Future Vision Leaders Program supporting the next generation of Canadian optometrists.

Episode Notes

EWO host, Dr. Roxanne Arnal talks with Dr. Michael Naugle about the challenges facing Optometry today, with a focus on those faced by the newest generation of ODs.

Dr. Naugle outlines how the Future Vision Leaders forgivable loan program is tiered by location providing an up-front loan of up to $100,000 which is forgiven by $20,000 for each year the recipient is with FYidoctors. He outlines eligibility and how the program is tiered based on geographic location.

Dr. Naugle breaks news regarding a new collaboration with New England College of Optometry (NECO) which supports 3rd and 4th year Canadian students with a full forgivable loan to cover 3rd and 4th year tuition.

He provides concrete examples of how the “doctor-owned – doctor-driven” DNA of the company has lead to providing superior patient care through the unusual acquisition of diagnostic tools for members.

Dr. Naugle explains how the traditional binary roles of owner/manager or clinician has been expanded at FYidoctors to accommodate different perspectives for ODs at all stages of career development by adding options that include leadership without ownership and ownership without the burden of management – an innovative and flexible approach.

Listen to the full 29 min. podcast for further insights into the FYidoctor story and evolution.




Optometrist and Certified Financial Planner

Roxanne Arnal graduated from UW School of Optometry in 1995 and is a past-president of the Alberta Association of Optometrists (AAO) and the Canadian Association of Optometry Students (CAOS).  She subsequently built a thriving optometric practice in rural Alberta.

Roxanne took the decision in  2012 to leave optometry and become a financial planning professional.  She now focuses on providing services to Optometrists with a plan to parlay her unique expertise to help optometric practices and their families across the country meet their goals through astute financial planning and decision making.

Roxanne splits EWO podcast hosting duties with Dr. Glen Chiasson.


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FYidoctors announced the launch of  their “Future Vision Leaders Program”, which will provide up to $100,000 in forgivable, individual loans, to support the next generation of Canadian Optometrists. This new initiative is design to help both new and recent optometry graduates.

This new program comes at a time when efforts to recruit young optometric professionals, particularly in ex-urban and rural areas, have been amplified by virtually all players in the market, including corporate and independent optometry organizations and individual independent practices.

Up to $100K – Selective and Forgivable
“FYidoctors was founded on doctors defining what eye care looks like—both now and in the future,” says company Chair and CEO Dr. Alan Ulsifer. “This includes the vision to bring the highest level of eye care to all regions of Canada, with special appreciation and presence in rural and under-serviced areas. Eyecare and vision is too important to the quality of one’s life to be limited in availability. We are excited about the Future Vision Leaders program to help us fill these important public needs while giving the next generation of optometrists rewarding opportunities.”

FYidoctors will assess applicants on an ad hoc basis and selectively offer 100% forgivable loans of up to $100,000 for new graduates as well as those who have graduated within the last several years. Successful applicants who enter the program will be partnered with clinics in either urban, rural or remote regions, with the aim of bolstering the future of the industry while giving Canadians in those regions better all-around access to eye care.

Apart from the forgivable loan, graduates who enter the program will also receive competitive base rate compensation, optical benefits and access to world-class innovation, leadership and development opportunities, according to the company.

Additionally, individuals could be eligible for guaranteed minimum pay and moving expenses.  “I was a young optometrist when we founded FYidoctors in 2008,” says Dr. Michael Naugle, FYidoctors’ Vice President, Optometric Partnerships, “and I have benefited from our OD-owned and controlled model that allows us to practice to the highest level of care due to our emphasis on technology and advanced eye care. As the largest collegial ownership model, we are always looking for the best optometric talent. This one-of-a-kind program helps serve our collective goals in a way that everyone—especially the health care industry—wins. We are excited for its launch and to congratulate our first cohort of Future Vision Leaders.”

Young ODs wanting more information on the Future Vision Leaders Program are invited to email the company at: for more details and to initiate a discussion with a program advisor.



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Career Pathfinders

The employment market in eye care has always been a challenge but today, catalyzed by the new opportunities from eyecare organizations eager to acquire new talent, the challenges, options and opportunities are greater than ever.

An overview of the employment situation will be shared with attendees as well as some sage advice from employment gurus.

Hiring organizations will provide insights into their culture and benefits. Attendees will be able to meet with the leaders behind Canada’s largest organizations and get first-hand perspectives. OD members of the Canada’s largest optometric buying groups share their perspectives on independent optometry. 

This interactive event is ideal for early career stage eye care practitioners looking to chart their course and those, at any career stage, considering upon a change in direction.


  • Tim Brennan, Chief Innovation Officer, FitFirst Technologies
  • Dr. Michael Naugle, VP Optometric Partnerships, FYidoctors
  • Dr. Daryan Angle, VP Business Development, IRIS Group
  • Dr. Laurie Lesser, Eyecare Director,  Canada/UK, Bailey Nelson
  • Nicholas Perry, Cofounder & Managing Director, Canada/UK, Bailey Nelson
  • Dr. Kyla Hunter, Aurora Eye Care, Grande Prairie, AB , Eye Recommend
  • Dr. Trevor Miranda, Cowichan Eyecare BC
  • Dr. Maria Sampalis, Founder & Owner, Corporate Optometry
  • Naomi Barber, BOptom, Director of Optometry, Specsavers

All events will be hosted and moderated Roxanne Arnal, OD, Certified Financial Planner. Dr. Arnal brings a unique combination of experience as a former independent practice owner and certified financial planner to the proceedings.

Mingle with your colleagues and presenters in conversation rooms following the presentations.


  • Presentations and Moderated Panel discussions
  • Private Video Chat tables
  • Interactive Text Chat
  • Direct Links to valuable information

Event registration is now open. Click Here for Details. 












Events in the Series:  

Registration for the first event Monday October 25th,  “Technology Drivers of Change” is still open. Click here for detailed information on this event. 

Registration for the second event Monday November 1st,  “Selling & Buying a Practice” is still open.  Click here for detailed information on this event. 

Click here to register for any of the Changing Landscape Events 


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