Information Technology and Innovation: One of FYidoctors’ driving factors for the future

FYidoctors innovation and technology

For over two decades, or most of his career, Kevin Bingham has been dedicating his time to improving and prioritizing the function of Information Technology (IT) and Innovation in the workplace.

As the Vice President of Innovation and IT at FYihealth group, Kevin works closely with the companies’ multiple teams to improve the overall utility and value of IT hardware, software assets and services while also keeping a focus on customer experience.

Through capitalizing on new technologies, mindful organizational change management and adding expertise to his growing team, Kevin’s efforts ensure that the organization is always at the forefront of innovation.

CEO and Chair of FYihealth group, Dr. Alan Ulsifer, remains heavily invested in the development and utilization of technology as it continues to be a significant area of focus for the future growth of the organization.

We caught up with Kevin and some of FYi’s influential Optometrists involved in innovative technology, Dr. Michael Kaplan, based in Toronto, and Dr. Bunny Virk, in Calgary. They shared how innovation and IT are pivotal to patient care at both the leadership and clinic level to support the organization’s growth.

Fostering a Solution-Seeking-Mindset to Innovation and Technology
“Technology advancements are at the forefront of our organization, and decisions are made to support them,” shares Kevin Bingham.

”FYi has invested millions of dollars into Cyber Security to protect patient confidentiality, along with completing a digital evolution for its Shopify eCommerce platform to deliver a first-in-class digital patient omnichannel experience. “During the COVID-19 pandemic, we provided innovative technology for social distancing while still delivering eye care quickly and responding to our patients’ needs,” Kevin added.

“FYi also developed a virtual try-on tool that allows patients to try on glasses in the comfort of their own home and speak to a representative online, thus creating a completely virtual shopping experience.

All these initiatives support the growth and future of FYidoctors and, in 2021, FYidoctors won the Canadian HR Award for ‘Most Innovative use of Technology.”

Technology Focused for Future Growth
“Our company views the IT department as an investment into our organization,” Kevin shared in his interview. FYi considers technology to be one of the driving factors for success and sees the benefits of a forward-thinking approach to technology advancements.

Kevin added: “the IT team comprises over 75 full-time employees, two of whom have been with us since our inception in 2008, and employs four team members for IT project management for all the mergers, projects, and implementation of new software updates.”

As an example, when a new clinic joins the FYi network, it is a top priority for our team members to get in place efficiently so the new team can be up and running and serving patients on day one of operations.

Undergoing integration is an extensive process, and our team shares with the new clinics the process starting with, “where the business is now” and mapping out “where we (FYi) are taking them.”

This information sharing process allows the new clinics to have a clear vision of their technology roadmap for all their members, and for their patients’ files.

This approach supports every clinic towards a smooth integration to the FYi network, which includes platforms like the Acuitas Practice Management System and NetSuite.

The Evolving Technology to Support Patient Care
”Technology advancements have helped provide a more accurate and comprehensive eye examination and patient education tools,” explains Dr. Michael Kaplan, FYidoctors Optometrist. “It allows us to see the finer details of the tissue we are examining, follow any subtle changes over time, and provide better diagnosis and proactive intervention”.

Dr. Kaplan added. FYi optometrists are optimistic about the continuing evolution of technology to help provide earlier detection of diseases and ways of treating them before the damage has already been done.

“Looking into the future, potentially, a device including artificial intelligence (AI) would enhance our diagnostic abilities for much earlier detection and preventative measures. AI would integrate with our current technologies to help with earlier detection for patients,” shares Dr. Bunny Virk, FYidoctors Optometrist in Calgary.

Exam Technology Findings and Looking into the Future
“We use a wide range of technologies in our exam rooms, including Wide Field Retinal Imaging/Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), Biometers to help with the newly emerging field of myopia management, ILux, IPL and RF to help assist with dry eye disease, and Heidelberg Retinal Tomography (HRT) to help detect glaucoma,” explained Dr. Kaplan.

Dr.  Virk added that “innovations in contact lens materials and designs have helped with the lenses’ comfort, health, and vision. The contact lens advancements and measurement techniques have allowed us to treat individuals with corneal pathologies and transplants to improve vision, which was previously difficult. A device that works well is Corneal Topography, which measures the cornea like a topographical map for detecting early corneal pathologies and degenerations.”

All these technological advancements are a great aid in providing quality eye care for FYi’s patients.

FYihealth group is committed to providing the highest quality patient care to enhance lives across North America. It strives to be a prevalent healthcare company in the marketplace by continuing to foster conversations regarding innovation and evaluate benchmarks in technology.

This is a sponsored post by FYihealth group.


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