Insight with Jackie Joachim

Jackie Joachim is the Chief Operating officer for ROI Coporation.

ROI specializes in assisting healthcare professionals in the

Optometry, Dental and Veterinary professions

appraise and sell/transition their practices.

Jackie Joachim

Chief Operating Officer ROI Corporation

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Business Administration, University of Toronto, 1989


Where do you see our industry going in 10 years?

I think optometry is entering exciting times for owners. I believe that optometrists have done well at demonstrating and communicating their value to patients. I believe practice values are on the rise and that is a good thing. Whenever I meet an optometrist, we also end up discussing how they are behind the dentists. Dentists, particularly in the past 15 years, have treated their practices more like businesses. While they may want to sell to their associates, they are much more willing to have us represent them in the open market. I see optometrists now beginning to do that more, so 10 years from now, I believe owners will truly receive the maximum value for the hard years they have invested in building and running their offices

What is something you have done in your business to set you apart?

I like to think we care more. I know that sounds like a real cliché but our founder – Mr. Roy Brown insisted that practice owners deserve to retire profitably and with dignity. This continues to be our mantra today. It is so critical that we understand our client’s goals at the very first meeting. Sometimes, we tell them not to sell or that the time is not right. We are true advisors and give our clients 44 years of expertise. We are not afraid to express our views because we believe we are doing so with the owner’s best interest at heart. Timothy Brown and Sandy Evans, owners of ROI Corporation, have always put family first. As such our staff also care which reflects in the quality of our work.

What is your definition of success or what habits make you a successful person?

I believe ultimate success is by the quality of the life one leads. Reaching financial goals is important. It is how we take care of our families, hopefully enjoy our lives and eventually retire comfortably. But I also think it is important to ensure we have good quality relationships in our life – with those closest to us. I am really not sure there is any point in having huge business success if those around us would prefer to be somewhere else. Personally, I wake up early so I can meditate and write in my journal each morning. I feel it helps set the tone for my day and keeps me mindful of things that I need to do. Being grateful is also an important ingredient for success.

What metrics do you track in order to gauge your success?

There are a few I like to use. The easiest one is when a client agrees to engage us in an appraisal and then moves to working with us in the sale. I also look carefully at the experience a vendor has had. Selling a practice can be emotional for some people. Therefore, when we hear a client say how much they appreciated us being there to help keep things and themselves calm or how they felt we had their back – those are huge markers. One of my favourites is also when a buyer turns into a vendor. Clearly, we demonstrated our value in the original transaction. It is also important to listen when we have fallen short. Thankfully it is not often but, on the occasion, when it does, finding a positive resolution is a great metric to measure.

Last time you laughed?

10 minutes ago. I can’t imagine my life without laughter. I love a good joke. I am not afraid to laugh at myself. My husband still makes me laugh after all these years and of course, my teenager constantly cracks me up. I think laughter is so important because it is contagious. A smile and friendly face go a long way in making people feel comfortable and relaxed. Smiles make people feel recognized and laughter can turn someone’s mood around.

What’s your favorite 80’s jam?

I am definitely a die-hard fan of Madonna – Material Girl, Papa Don’t Preach, Holiday all take me back to my early 20s.

Tell me something few people know about you?

I originally wanted to be a lawyer leading to a career in the diplomatic service.

Describe your perfect day.

After waking up from a wonderful sleep, I get up early and sit on my couch with a nice hot coffee and cuddle with my dog. After about an hour, I start making pancakes with the aroma waking up my husband and daughter. We eat a relaxed breakfast with classical music playing in the background. After church, we visit my elderly mom and then I spend my afternoon cooking. I love cooking. The evening is true family time where we eat dinner and watch a movie or play a game. A perfect day lets me end up in bed by 9 reading and lights out at 10




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