Patient centered strategies

In the ever-evolving landscape of optometry, increasing revenue per patient is a key objective for any practice. By implementing strategic approaches and leveraging innovative technologies, optometrists can not only enhance patient care but also boost their bottom line. Here are some effective strategies to achieve this goal:

1. Set Your Eye Exam Fees Higher: Make it a World-Class Experience

● Elevate the standard of your eye exams by offering a premium experience to patients.
● Invest in state-of-the-art scanning technology such as OCT, Wide Angle Retinal Imaging, Glaucoma Management, Telehealth, Neurolens, and Meibography.
● Emphasize the value proposition of your comprehensive eye exams and the advanced diagnostic tools used, which justifies higher fees.

2. Hand Off in the Exam Lane: Doctor Recommended

● Encourage doctors to recommend additional services or products during the exam.
● Studies have shown that implementing this approach can increase revenue per patient by up to 15%.
● Ensure clear communication of recommendations and echo them during the handoff to the optical team.

3. Offer Multiple Glasses Solutions

● Cater to diverse needs by providing various glasses solutions such as office pairs, progressive addition lenses (PALS), hobby-specific, sport-specific, and prism glasses.
● Present multiple options to patients and emphasize the benefits of each solution tailored to their lifestyle and preferences.

4. Retain Your Spectacle Prescriptions

● Provide patients with a detailed quote that includes features, benefits, and lifestyle dispensing options.
● Offer budget-friendly packages and be proactive in addressing objections to ensure a successful sale.

5. Sunwear Selection and Promotion

● Curate a wide selection of sunglasses, including premium brands like Maui Jim and Ray-Ban, and integrate them with ophthalmic frames.
● Educate patients about the health benefits of wearing sunglasses and demonstrate the advantages of polarized lenses.
● Encourage browsing by displaying sunwear prominently and offering trials while patients wait.

6. Contact Lens Sales

● Streamline the process of obtaining contact lenses by reducing barriers to access, such as offering trials and including contact lens fees with exams.
● Simplify pricing structures with a per-box strategy and ensure transparency by providing quotes to all patients.
● Specialize in fitting multifocals and complex contact lenses like orthokeratology (ortho-K) to meet diverse patient needs.

7. Myopia Management and Vision Therapy

● Offer comprehensive solutions for myopia management, including glasses, contacts, and vision therapy.
● Utilize advanced techniques such as axial length measurements to tailor treatments for each patient.
● Emphasize the long-term benefits of myopia control in reducing the risk of vision-related complications.

8. Dry Eye Centres and AMD Wellness

● Establish dedicated dry eye centers offering a range of products and services, including drops, cleansers, masks, and dry eye packages.
● Incorporate innovative treatments like Retina Rejuvenation techniques for managing conditions like Dry AMD, along with recommending vitamins and at-home photobiomodulation (PBM) devices.

9. Premium Boutique Frame Lines and Events

● Differentiate your practice by offering exclusive boutique frame lines and hosting trunk shows and special events to showcase new collections.
● Create a buzz around these events to attract both existing and potential patients.

10. Recalls and Follow-Ups

● Implement a proactive recall system to schedule follow-up appointments and keep patients engaged with their eye health.
● Utilize tele-optometry for convenient follow-ups, improving patient compliance and satisfaction.

By implementing these strategies, optometric practices can enhance patient satisfaction, improve clinical outcomes, and maximize revenue per patient, ultimately achieving sustainable growth and success in the competitive healthcare market.

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Dr. Miranda is a partner in a multi-doctor, five-location practice on Vancouver Island.

He is a strong advocate for true Independent Optometry.

As a serial entrepreneur, Trevor is constantly testing different patient care and business models at his various locations. Many of these have turned out to be quite successful, to the point where many of his colleagues have adopted them into their own practices. His latest project is the Optometry Unleashed podcast.


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