Future of Independent Optometry – Webinar

An optometry though-leader panel shared their views on the future of independent optometry in Canada in a live webinar on Monday May 29, 2017.   Hosted by Canadian Eye Care Business Review Co-Edits Drs. Jeff and Tina Goodhew, six panelists from vastly different types of practices and business areas, addressed 6 critical issues on the minds of Canadian optometrists.

Panelists included Dr. Daryan Angle, Executive VP, Iris Group, Mr. Ken Barbet CEO of Eye Recommend, Mr. Pierre Bertrand, President, Essilor Canada, Dr. Sheldon Salaba, OD practice owner, Hamilton ON, Dr. Altaz Shajani, OD practice owner, North Vancouver BC and Dr. Al Ulsifer, CEO & President, FYiDoctors.

The webinar, attended by nearly 200 attendees, was the largest ever live web event specifically for the Canadian eye care industry.  Attendees participated in live polls to provide on the fly input to the hosts and panelists as they addressed the issues, and audience questions were fielded by panelists following the discussion.

Critical issues examined included:

  • The impact of supplier side consolidation and its potential effect on independents.
  • The reasons why ODs are selling practices to larger retail groups.
  • How optometry can avoid being swept up in the general sea-change in retail.
  • Importance of the “customer experience” in practice success.
  • The risks to solo practitioners in today’s environment.
  • The commercial opportunity for optometric medical services vis-à-vis retail dispensing

With panelists representing corporate optometry, buying groups and solo entrepreneurial ODs, a rich variety of opinion was expressed.

You can stream or download an audio recording of the live webinar below.

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