Dr. Scott Mundle, University of Waterloo (’83) has been active in the service of Optometry since early in his career. He is the past-president of the Manitoba Association of Optometrists and the Canadian Association of Optometrists, and is the Immediate Past President of the World Council of Optometry.  He shares insights from this incredible path of leadership with Eyes Wide Open Host, Roxanne Arnal.

Dr. Scott Muncle

About the Guest

Having dedicated years in service of the Optometry profession, Dr. Mundle, continues to serve in the capacity of Trustee of the World Optometry Foundation (WOF), a nonprofit organization that finances the development of optometry around the world to reduce avoidable blindness.

Married to University of Waterloo, School of Optometry classmate Dr. Michelle Georgi, the couple has three children. On chance that any other free time presents itself, Dr. Mundle dedicates it to sporting activities, including cycling and fishing.

Episode Notes

Dr. Scott Mundle reflects upon his years of service with the WCO providing insights into the global politics and “turf wars” of vision care and the importance of the United Nations “Vision for Everyone” resolution that was ratified by the United Nations (UN) in 2021.

Dr Mundle explains why the UN resolution has consequences for Optometry, not only in developing countries, but also in more developed countries, including Canada.

He shares how his experience has heightened his awareness and appreciation of the importance of optometry leadership in past years that facilitated the development of the profession in Canada, especially when juxtaposed  to the current situation in other countries, including less developed and even developed countries e.g. France, where Optometry is not yet recognized.

Dr. Mundle talks about the mission of the World Optometry Foundation and his current pursuits as Trustee.

Their conversation turns to reflections on the role of profit in the context of Optometry advocacy and at the individual practice level, including the important role of large industry players. They also touch on the meaning of “wealth” beyond dollars and cents.

He shares his views on athletic pursuits and how sports and his opportunity to attend several Olympic Games has impacted him.

Finally, he imparts words of wisdom to young Optometrists who aspire to get involved and continue to advance the profession of Optometry. Inspiration indeed.



Optometrist and Certified Financial Planner

Roxanne Arnal graduated from UW School of Optometry in 1995 and is a past-president of the Alberta Association of Optometrists (AAO) and the Canadian Association of Optometry Students (CAOS).  She subsequently built a thriving optometric practice in rural Alberta.

Roxanne took the decision in  2012 to leave optometry and become a financial planning professional.  She now focuses on providing services to Optometrists with a plan to parlay her unique expertise to help optometric practices and their families across the country meet their goals through astute financial planning and decision making.

Roxanne splits EWO podcast hosting duties with Dr. Glen Chiasson.


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