Dr. Devan Trischuk was born and raised in Yorkton, Saskatchewan

Interest in optometry started from a young age with yearly visits to his OD for stronger glasses due to rapidly progressing myopia

Lectures across Canada to other ODs and health care professionals on myopia management

Dr. Devan Trischuk

Doctorate of Optometry from the University Of Waterloo.

He received the Michael Gutwein Memorial Award for his graduating class at Waterloo (2011)

Selected as one of the top “40 Under 40” optometrists in Canada by Johnson and Johnson Vision (2018)


Why did you choose your field?

I was a young, rapidly progressing myope. From age 7 I needed a bump in Rx every ~6 months before eventually plateau-ing in my early 20’s. My childhood optometrist, Dr. Ron Rogoza, always brought such positive energy, laughter and smiles to my appointments that I always looked forward to them. (I also looked forward to more minus, like all good myopes 😉 )

These fond memories paired with an interest in math/science/healthcare directed me towards optometry as a career.

What changes to eye care do you see coming down the pipe?

I see myopia management becoming the standard of care for myopic children. I look forward to the day when the awareness in the general population of this specialty area results in parents/guardians expecting myopia management for their child.

Hopefully this increased awareness also results in preventative measures being taken – time outdoors, appropriate amounts of near work, future preventative treatments (?) – so that there is an improvement in the global projections of increasing myopia and severity.

What is something you have done in your practice to set you apart.

Offering a wide range of myopia treatment options.
The ability to tailor a treatment plan to each child’s exam findings/visual needs/family dynamic coupled with the constantly increasing number of evidence-based, effective treatment options has allowed more families to access myopia management than ever before.

What business books would you recommend other ECPs read?

‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ – Dale Carnegie.
A great book for anyone to read – improve your work and personal life.

What advice would you give a new grad today?

Shadow more senior practitioners – there is an immense amount that can be learned from observing those years of experience in action.

Last time you laughed?

Being a human jungle gym for my kids.
Listening to my 4.5 year old daughter describe her perception of the world around her.

What’s your Favorite food?

My wife’s Prime Rib with a nice red wine.

Favorite past-time/hobby?

Previously it was taking in outdoors/sports for my own enjoyment, but it has now shifted to instilling (forcing?) a love of outdoors/active lifestyle in my children.

You can listen to Dr. Trischuk discuss his perspective on myopia control on our Eyes Wide Open Podcast. 


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Ahmos Henry, Hoya Canada president, in discussion with podcast host Dr. Glen Chiasson, offers insights and advice to Canadian eye care professionals in order to bounce back even stronger in the COVID rebound.

Ahmos Henry HOYA Canada

About the Guest

Ahmos Henry is a professional healthcare business and operations executive with extensive global experience with many multinational firms.  He has held a wide range of executive positions (GlaxoSmithKline, Bristol Myers Squibb, Procter and Gamble, ratiopharm and ESSILOR).  In 2014 he was appointed as the president of Hoya Vision Care Canada.

Before joining Hoya Canada, Henry was Regional VP of Atlantic Labs, Essilor, for 8 years. Prior to the optical industry her worked for 18 years in the Pharmaceutical industry in different sales and management positions across Canada and internationally. Henry holds a Bachelor of Veterinary Medical Sciences (1987) and an Executive Masters of Business Administration (2008).


Episode Notes

Ahmos Henry, president Hoya Canada provides a brief history of the company. He provides a comprehensive outline of all the activities that Hoya is undertaking to help eye care professionals weather the COVID storm and resources that have been made available to help practices emerge even stronger.

He provides tips, garnered from the Hoya experience world wide, to address the stress that both staff and patients will be facing as practices reopen across the country.

Ahmos advocates that practitioners prepare to increase the “capture rate” to a level much higher than that which was observed prior to the COVID shut-down by implementing an effective, efficient and safe , “one-stop” patient experience combining the eye health exam and eyewear purchase.

A key tenant of his message is that the business bounce back needs to be strongly and deliberately focused on increasing patient satisfaction and practice revenue.

A Key Take-away: “Even patients that have been with a practice for 10 years, will be seeing everything for the first time through a new set of eyes.




Dr. Glen Chiasson

Dr. Glen Chiasson

Dr. Glen Chiasson is a 1995 graduate of the University of Waterloo School of Optometry. He owns and manages two practices in Toronto. In 2009, he co-hosted a podcast produced for colleagues in eye care, the “International Optometry Podcast”. He is a moderator of the Canadian Optometry Group, an email forum for Canadian optometrists. As  a host of  “Eyes Wide Open”, Glenn  looks forward to exploring new new technologies and services for eye care professionals.

Dr. Chiasson enjoys tennis, hockey, and reading. He lives in Toronto with his wife and two sons.

Dr. Chiasson splits EWO podcast hosting duties with Roxanne Arnal.


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