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CRO Online provides new Optometrists the opportunity to extend the intensive learning paradigm beyond academia through challenging case studies and comprehensive topic reviews  – all for CE credits as well.

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CRO is a  digital journal offering COPE accredited CE courses online. The journal focuses on a wide range of clinical and scientific topics of interest to optometrists and in everyday practice.

Articles are also presented as COPE accredited courses, which are accepted by provincial/state  regulators across North America. Current issues of the journal are available online.  View the Journal.

CRO Journal is open-access and peer reviewed.

CRO is a division of VuePoint IDS Inc., a Canadian owned and operated company.

Each CRO Journal article is also a COPE-accredited course. The articles are available in a companion website: CRO Online. Credit is earned by completing a 10 question quiz which is graded immediately. The accreditation certificate is available in your CRO dashboard, ready to send to your College.

The vast majority of course authors are ODs practicing in challenging and high patient volume clinical settings , such as university clinics and Veterans’ Affairs hospitals in US.  Cases are selected for their learning value to primary care optometric physicians.

All CRO (Clinical & Refractive Optometry) online courses are peer-reviewed three times: By the CRO Editorial board, by an independent review board at a bona fide school of Optometry in North America, and then finally by an independently assigned COPE reviewer.

Multiple ways to purchase CE

At CRO Online CE you can create a free account and purchase CE when you want. Alternatively, you can pre-purchase course credits of 5 or 10 hours that can be applied anytime.  The best value is to purchase full access to any course at anytime with a full ANNUAL (365 days) Premium Package.

All prices are in Canadian $ 
(CRO is owned and operated by a Canadian Company, VuePoint IDS Inc.)

+Each course is purchased à la carte
+All courses available for individual purchase
+Membership never expires ( delete account anytime)
+Get email notification of each new issue of the journal

+Pre-purchase 5 x 1-hour credits
+Apply credits to any course in the catalog
+Can use credits anytime over a one-year period.
+Get email notification of each new issue of the journal

+Pre-purchase 10 x 1-hour credits
+Apply credits to any course in the catalog
+Can use credits anytime over a one-year period.
+Get email notification of each new issue of the journal

+All courses in the catalog are available at no added cost
+Annual membership is valid for 365 days
+Use credits at anytime to take any CRO course
+Get email notification of each new issue of the journal

View the CRO catalog of courses.
All courses can be previewed before enrolling

Frequently Asked Question

Course instructors are mostly from challenging clinical settings including Optometry School clinics and VA hospitals. They share their challenging case studies through CRO to further the education of the profession.  Course authors are not compensated for their manuscripts.


Yes.  In fact CRO is 3X peer reviewed:

  • By CRO Editorial Board
  • Independently by a COPE authorized School of Optometry
  • By a COPE assigned reviewer


There are a limited number of free courses that are “granted” by commercial interests.


Approximately $20 per 1 hour COPE accredited course.  There are a limited number of 2-hour courses.


Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up. You can create a basic membership for free. This provides access to the entire CRO course catalog.  You can upgrade to Annual Premium Subscriber which provides access to all CRO Courses at no additional charge for a 365 day period. You can take those courses anytime, any where.


The communication and upload of certificates to ARBO is a manual process which causes a delay – ARBO does not offer an API.  So, for the moment, we are not providing direct upload to ARBO. Your COPE certificate will be immediately generated for download in the dashboard.  Nevertheless, we have put this task on our development path.


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