Insight with Dr. Peter Rozanec




Dr. Peter Rozanec owns a two doctor clinic in Port Credit Ontario.

Peter has been active within the profession of Optometry both at the

association level and the college level. Peter is the co-founder and current moderator

of the Canadian Optometry Group or COG for short. COG is a private online forum

consisting of close to 1000 OD’s across Canada.


Dr. Peter Rozanec

Port Credit Optometry Clinic, Port Credit, ON

Doctor of Optometry, University of Waterloo, 1990


Why did you choose your field?

I choose optometry because I had bad eyesight and I really liked visiting my optometrist the most – he (Dr Harvey Mayers in Toronto) was professional and with my being ‘a gadget guy’, he had all the latest cool ‘gadgets’ so optometry felt like a natural fit.

What advice would you give a new grad today?

Listen to thought leaders in your profession. Participate in your association and college – be a volunteer. You’ll meet great people and learn from them. Find a good practice analyst/coach that will objectively assess your practice and help it grow. Market your practice one patient at a time – subtly make every patient your ‘sales rep’ when they walk out your door. Have your patient’s back, and they will have yours. Lastly, and not less important – join the Canadian Optometry Group – which is a free email resource for Canadian optometrists that allows you to get real-time information on cases, news etc from your peers in Canada. Email me at

What changes to eye care do you see coming down the pipe?

Practice consolidation. Solo practice will die a slow but not so painful death. At the very least, you may see very rare examples of ’boutique’ practices catering in very specialized care but for the most part, you will see more multiple practitioner practices with more services under one roof.

Where do you see your practice/eye care in 10 years?

On a personal side, I plan to be in practice a lot less in 5 years. I would, however, like to work in some limited capacity seeing patients so as ‘to keep my mental saw sharp’, volunteer again at the college and/or association, and allow for more time to travel which I really enjoy doing with my wife. Optometry will be alive and well in 10 years, 25 years, a 100 years. Every decade has brought optometry challenges and its naysayers, but the profession and its knowledge base continues to grow – which is the mark of a healthy profession.

What is your favorite TV show / Netflix series?

Seinfeld and Breaking Bad. Having said that, my favourite show as a kid and teen was Hogan’s Heroes, in university it was Cheers, and in my working years it was Seinfeld. Because all were well-written they have withstood the test of time. Breaking Bad is a phenomenal series that has set the bar so high it will be difficult for other shows to surpass it – it’s ‘The Godfather’ of drama series.

How have you changed since high school?

I see the world far more in shades of grey rather than black and white. And perhaps that – and this is somewhat tangential – I also see that maybe the only thing that might bring the world together is an alien invasion – that we would fight off, and allow us to realize that we have a lot more in common as humans, than those petty things that often set us apart.

Dr. Peter Rozanec circa 1964



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