Insight with Bryan Rossi




Bryan Rossi is the General Manager of Carl Zeiss Vision Canada since July 2017.

A 15+ year industry veteran in the United States.

Bryan shares what is exciting him in the eye care industry,

and what he likes to do to unwind.


Bryan Rossi

General Manager Carl Zeiss Vision Canada

BSBA Finance, Ohio State University 1996


How did you get into the Eye Care business?

I was moving up in my career but becoming complacent within the financial industry. I vividly remember looking at, sorting through 250 jobs and found one that sounded very interesting at Sola (now ZEISS). I received a call a few weeks later and the process began. About three months later I was hired as the first Regional Manger selling directly to the ECP. The people that hired me are still with the company today. We all have advanced our careers and continue to work on projects together from time to time.

What is currently the most exciting thing in your field that’s helping practitioners and patients?

The advancement of the optical lens and coatings. Backside freeform delivers better optics for the patients and creates an ease of use for the ECPs. We can deliver exceptional vision across a wide range of materials, which was more difficult with traditional atoric surfacing. The coatings have become extremely durable over the entire life of the lens and now have Blue Light protection as an option. These advancements are delivering better visual acuity and contributing to the overall health of the eye.

What business books would you recommend ECPs read?

Two books that are staples in my library are Good to Great by James C. Collins and Blue Ocean Strategy by Renee Mauborgne and W. Chan Kim. Both books have some solid principles and concepts on creating a productive work environment and using out of the box thinking. The business case on Yellow Tail® in Blue Ocean Strategy is quite a read.

Favourite pastime/hobby?

I enjoy many things, but golf is probably my favourite these days. It allows you to be outside enjoying the weather and can really tell you a lot about your patience. I’m looking forward to playing some of the great courses here in Canada.

Favourite Food?

I’m a little bit of a foodie and try to experience the local cuisine when I travel. I must admit, I haven’t had poutine yet. Every time I ask about it, people tell me it’s late-night food. I’m sure I’ll try it soon.



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