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Here’s a sobering thought. Seven hundred years after glasses were invented, there are still children in the world suffering from severe vision loss—simply because they have no access to a pair of glasses. And once children develop even a common eye condition such as myopia (shortsightedness), life for them will no longer be the same.


That’s why Dr. SooJin Nam from Eyecare Kids is so passionate about children’s vision. Good vision allows children to experience all the joys of childhood—identify colours, count objects, see shapes, play outdoors, recognize loved ones’ faces.


“As a behavioural optometrist, I am fortunate to be in a position that allows me to help children with real vision problems,” say Dr. Nam. “Every optometrist knows the importance of good vision and the impact it has on children. It is our desire that all kids have access to eye care and glasses in order for them to achieve their best.


Dr. Nam has proudly introduced Optometry Giving Sight’s Our Children’s Vision program into her practices because it’s easy to implement and it’s a great way to have fun with her patients.


“When our little patients come to us and we see how their quality of life improves tremendously because of what we do, we desire it for every child with a vision problem,” she said. “Our children are our future, so I see nothing more important than giving them the best chance in life.”


Dr. Nam implements the program by making a donation for every pair of glasses sold in her practice. Optometry Giving Sight provides marketing items including posters, counter cards and social media materials to promote their generosity to their patients.


After every glasses purchase, the patient receives a small card emphasizing that because they purchased glasses there, the practice will make a donation to help a child in need to receive an eye exam and a pair of glasses.


Optometry Giving Sight also provides tear-off sheets to give to each patient to remind them of the importance of an eye exam for the children in their lives. The sheet has an area for the practice to stamp their contact details to invite patients to call to set up an appointment for their own children.


The benefit for practice participation in the program is two-fold: a large amount of positive publicity as patients see the practice making a difference in the lives of children around the world, and every patient is reminded of just how important good vision for children is and to make eye exam appointments for their own children.

“Optometry Giving Sight’s ‘Our Children’s Vision’ campaign support materials are available to any optometric practice in Canada. If you wish to use OGS materials as part of your social marketing program to support your practice, please contact Corinne Waldon at canada@givingsight.org or
1-800-585-8265 ext 4.” 



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