Hiring for Your Practice – A Confirmed Headache

What hiring trends are emerging in 2019?  The 3.8 million members of  Alignable.com, the largest social media network of small businesses in North America, have identified three key trends from surveying nearly 6000 small business members. Do these themes sound familiar?

Trend 1: Hiring surges are predicted among many small businesses in the U.S. and Canada for the rest of 2019. 

According to the survey results, 33% of small business people polled want to hire even more people than they had planned in early 2019. However, 59% of those hiring say it’s a growing struggle; finding the right people is a huge problem.

In Canada, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan businesses anticipate being the most active recruiters while Manitoba trails the pack.  (see table below )

Trend 2: Small business owners who are hiring are having a tough time filling their open positions.

Getting a good number of quality candidates a problem?  You are not alone. Unemployment levels remain low and are getting lower.  The June 2019 unemployment rate nation wide fell below 5% in June and the trend is down.

Trend 3: Despite the heightened demand for help, thousands of Alignable members 50+ are still struggling to secure full-time or even part-time positions, pointing to blatant ageism.

Tim Brennan, Chief Visionary Officer of Eyeployment.com said the Ageism called out in this survey doesn’t surprise him, noting, “one of the most obvious visual discriminations is age and it’s a weak predictor of behaviour”. Employers may perceive that older candidates may want higher pay and employers do not necessarily value the experience and mentorship attributes an older employee might bring to the team.

Brennan’s hiring technology provides the ability to “meet the candidate before you see them”, which reduces all forms of visual bias and improves your odds of getting talent stars for your business and avoiding the passengers.

Brennan advises, it always better to get the best person possible rather than “settle” for someone who walks in your door and looks the part particularly in a tight labour market.  Making a hiring mistake gets amplified under such market conditions.

 % of Small Businesses that plan to hire more than initially planned in 2019. 

NB – 60%

SK – 40%

BC – 31%

AB – 25%

QC – 25%

NS — 25%

ON – 24%

MB – 20%



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