Low turnover is a good sign we’re doing things well. Why rock the boat?

Fact or Fiction? Low turnover is a good sign we’re doing things well. Why rock the boat?

Low turnover can seem like an employer’s dream, but is it hurting your business in the long run?

The important question here is – how many people are we keeping?
The far more valuable question is – what is the quality of the people we are keeping?

All too often, organizations, including professional practices, find themselves in a rut where people aren’t leaving because they are comfortable. And they are comfortable because their job is easy, standards are lax, and mediocre performance is tolerated.

Comfortable employees can choke a business.

If you raise your standards, you will scare off those who crave comfort and attract better performers who share those same higher standards.

The Wrong Kind of Turnover
If you maintain the status-quo, you may well have turnover, but not of the right kind. Those leaving may well be the ones that thrive on a challenge and take price in being on a high performing team.

The most valuable competitive advantage for any business is to staff with star employees who perform better and stay longer.

That’s the Fit First philosophy.

Fit First Philosophy starts with this premise. Hire for Fit, and then train as needed.
Save yourself time and money.
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