Not everyone needs to be a top performer

Fact or Fiction?
Not everyone needs to be a top performer. We need some ‘steady Eddies’ or we’ll spend all our time trying to satisfy everyone’s career expectations.

Don’t confuse performance with pressure to offer promotion opportunities.

Many people who are at the absolute top of their class want nothing more than to be left alone to do what they do best, day in and day out. Top performers are top performers because they love what they do, and they do it exceptionally well.

All too often we convince ourselves that it’s okay to have a normal performance curve where 70% of the workforce is just ‘average’. We too easily accept the notion that average is okay and doesn’t hurt our practice.

The truth is average is awful.  Average in most organizations represents an opportunity cost of 23% or more of payroll – money that gets paid out with zero return.

In most organizations, and eye care practices are likely no different, 23% of payroll represents a substantial sum of money that if used elsewhere in the business could materially improve the practice.

The most valuable competitive advantage for any business is to staff with star employees who perform better and stay longer.

That’s the Fit First philosophy.

Fit First Philosophy starts with this premise. Hire for Fit, and then train as needed.
Save yourself time and money.

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