10 Innovative HR Practices to Improve Employee Engagement

When it comes to increasing productivity and reducing staff turnover, many top companies rely on employee engagement programs to keep workers motivated.

Why is engagement so important? A 2015 study by Glassdoor reported that 54% of employees surveyed felt confident about finding a comparable position within six months if they quit or were laid off.

Today’s practices need to offer their employees a compelling reason to stay.

Which strategies are most effective? Check out our top-10 list of employee engagement tips designed to boost morale – and your bottom line.


1. Work on wellness

With job stress often cited as a reason employees quit, focusing on health and work-life balance makes sense.

Physical and mental wellness programs can include generous healthcare benefits, on site fitness classes, healthy eating options, and workshops on topics such as mindfulness and stress management.


2. Treat employees like insiders

Information is power. When you treat employees like insiders and share valuable information regarding your practice’s strategic plans, mission and goals with them, everyone can work towards the same objectives.

When facing tough decisions in a challenging business environment, make sure all staff members understand exactly what is happening and why, and what steps management is taking to mitigate any negative effects.


3. Inspire pride in your team

Do your employees feel their work has meaning and purpose?

Does their work make a difference to others? People who believe strongly in what they do are engaged in their work and inspired to do their best.

Be an inspiration to your team by serving as a leader and a mentor, nurturing their personal growth and supporting their chosen causes in the community through your philanthropy program.


4. Provide premium perks

Perks matter. A 2015 survey from Glassdoor showed that 79% of respondents would choose additional perks and benefits over a raise, given the choice.

Some of the most popular perks include increased vacation days, paid sick leave, flexible work hours, employee discounts, wellness programs, and professional development opportunities.


5. Reward responsibility

Do you give your staff jobs to complete or responsibilities?

Employees are more invested in their work when they’re aware of the big picture and bear responsibility for the outcome.

Empower workers to take ownership of entire projects and provide them the tools to succeed rather than simply assigning piecemeal tasks.


6. Pay for professional development

Investing in your employees is an investment in your business’ bottom line.

Helping your employees develop their current skills and learn new ones is a win-win-win.

They appreciate your support, which in turn fosters loyalty and engagement. They improve their performance, increasing your practice’s productivity and contributing positively to its bottom line.


7. Let employees walk a mile in others’ shoes

Collaboration and productivity can’t exist in a silo.

Foster an environment of teamwork and cooperation by allowing employees to experience what colleagues in other departments do.

Let selected staff members choose which role they’d like to assume, assign a mentor in that role to provide basic training, and let the workers enjoy trading places for a day.


8. Gamification gets results

Can gamification really make work more fun? Yes!

Whether encouraging friendly competition between teams to hit certain targets, rewarding achievements with redeemable points, or using one of the many mobile gamification platforms gaining popularity with HR departments, introducing elements from the gaming sphere into the workplace can enhance both performance and team spirit.


9. Brainstorm from the bottom up

Your employees are your greatest asset.

Take advantage of their diverse backgrounds and experiences by opening brainstorming sessions up to all employees.

Encouraging input from everyone results in creative, out-of-the-box solutions and helps all employees feel like they can contribute to the practice’s success.


10. Consider your office culture

One of the easiest ways to ensure employee engagement is to hire employees who suit your existing office culture.

Employees who are a good match for the job, the manager, the work-style of their colleagues and the practice’s values will work cooperatively and productively as a harmonious team.


A fitting way to increase engagement

Of all the tips above, none will have a greater impact on employee engagement, productivity and turnover than hiring for fit first – but how?

“Fit” isn’t something which can easily be determined by reading a resume or interviewing a candidate.

Eyeployment.com’s interactive app can help you attract, screen and hire the right employees for your position and your company. Click here to learn more.



Jan is the co-founder and president of Fit First Technologies, a company that applies its predictive analytics to the task of matching people to roles. Those algorithms drive platforms such as TalentSorter, FitFirstJobs and Eyeployment.com, which are relied upon by organizations to screen high volumes of candidates for “fit” in their open positions.


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