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Welcome to the Finance|Wealth section, a specialized resource tailored for eye care professionals in Canada. This category is designed to serve as your guide through the intricate financial landscape of the eye care industry. Here, you’ll find a wealth of informative posts penned by subject matter experts, each bringing their unique insights and deep knowledge of finance as it specifically applies to eye care practice.

There’s No Such Thing as Risk Free Investing

I often hear that Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) are risk free because they protect your capital, much like a savings account would be considered risk free.

5 Reasons You Need a Will

Many young doctors burdened by student debt often postpone addressing critical aspects of wealth management. Roxanne Arnal gives you 5 reasons you need a will earlier than you think.

So, You Want to Own Commercial Real Estate ?

Thinking about owning commercial real estate? Consider the harsh reality.

6 Reasons to Consider Business-Owned Life Insurance as an Investment

Business-owned life insurance presents a unique opportunity for owners to leverage as a strategic investment tool. Here’s why.

Why Toilets Matter: The Unseen Impact on Practice Value

Nuances of your practice environment extend far beyond mere aesthetics or functionality. Here’s an example of what NOT to do!

Goals Based Investing: 5 Reasons Why It Matters

Roxanne Arnal provided the top 5 reasons why your goals should be front and centre an integral part of financial planning. Start the year off right!