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If you are thinking about starting a new independent practice or trying to bring it to the next level, insights from seasoned practice owners can reveal invaluable pearls of wisdom.  What is a truly independent practice and how to I craft my eye care practice to be a raging success?

Dr. Trevor Miranda opines and advises with a series of thought-provoking ideas.

Partnering with Associates: Retaining and Engaging Associate Optometrists

It is increasingly difficult to attract and retain associates in optometric practice. In this article, Dr. Trevor Miranda looks into ways to improve engagement and retention of associate optometrists.

Time to Invest in New Technology?

Dr. Trevor Miranda lays out how to make a financial case for technology investments and a plan to implement innovative technologies in a successful way.

Mind Blowing Advances in Eye Care

Dr. Miranda looks back on his career of 28 years, to observe that there have been a few quantum leaps in technology that greatly improve the quality of care and his ability as an optometrist to make changes in people’s lives.

Cultivating Supplier Partnerships

“Sales ‘ representatives or Territory Managers can be an essential part of a well-run optometric practice. Investing time to discuss opportunities with your suppliers is a vital part of a successful independent practice.

Contact Lens Pricing Strategies for Today’s Consumer

Today’s contact lens consumer is bombarded with online offers to purchase contact lenses directly. Dr. Trevor Miranda offers four great tips to keep the contact lens patient buying at your practice.

Onboard the Leadership Bus

If you are a practice owner, you are a leader. It is important to embrace the role, learn to excel as a leader and create future leaders in your organization. What is your bus driving style and where do you sit on the leadership bus?

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